FreeAmp has some strange behavior on Win32 when it comes to minimizing.
I am not much of a GUI programmer, but here are some questions:

The default Win32 theme has its own button for minimizing. It works OK,
but I assumed it worked by posting a WM_SYSCOMMAND SC_MINIMIZE message
to its own queue and then let the default Windows message handler
do what it needs to do. I verified that the default handler does the
right thing by using the real minimize command from the system menu
in FreeAmp (you can get at it by hitting ALT+SPACE, then choosing
Minimize). Is that a reasonable explanation?

More to the point, the window does not minimize when I choose to
minimize all apps (by hitting WINDOWS_KEY+M), but all other applications
work fine. This is a little-known keyboard shortcut in Windows 9x/NT,
but the fact that FreeAmp does not work as expected may be indicative
of a more systemic problem (plus, it's just annoying to little ole

I hate to be the type of person who points out problems but doesn't
fix them, but I am not a very good GUI programmer. I will give the
results of my investigation, though.

The message proc for this window seems to be in Win32Window::WindowProc
(duh), and the other WM_SYSCOMMAND messages come through here
(such as SC_RESTORE or whatever it's called). Choosing the real
built-in Minimize command from the system menu (see above directions
involving ALT+SPACE) causes a WM_SYSCOMMAND SC_MINIMIZE to come
through this proc with no problem. However, when I hit WINDOWS_KEY+M,
no such message comes through the proc, which boggles me. I assumed
that this keyboard shortcut caused a minimize command to be sent to
all top-level windows, but it seems not to be the case.

Perhaps someone with more experience could figure out what messages
are posted as a result of WINDOWS_KEY+M (maybe using Spy++ or a
similar tool) and then figure out why Freeamp isn't handling them?

I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on the issue. :)


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