> >Perhaps someone with more experience could figure out what messages
> >are posted as a result of WINDOWS_KEY+M (maybe using Spy++ or a
> >similar tool) and then figure out why Freeamp isn't handling them?
> This is the relevant portion of what I get from Spy++ when hitting the
> Windows Key +
>  M:
> WM_MOVE xPos = 3000, yPos = 3000
> WM_SIZE fwSizeType = SIZE_MINIMIZED, nWidth = 0, nHeight = 0
> I'd say something needs to be done to handle the WM_SIZE with fwSizeType
> SIZE_MINIMIZED, like checking if the window is already minimized and if
> minimizing it. Anyone?

Did you Spy on the FreeAmp window or some other window? I've observed the
same behaviour in other windows, but FreeAmp never gets these messages.
Otherwise I could simply handle them. The real question is how do I tell
windows that I want to get these messages?

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