On Thu, Mar 09, 2000 at 12:32:00PM +0000, John Adcock wrote:
> The Freeamp code is prefect except for the GPL.

Thanks for the kind words.  ;)  We like to think the GPL is a big part
of what MAKES it perfect.  :)

> Is there any way the decoder part can be packaged as LGPL or can
> anyone let me know where to get the original Xing code, presumably
> this was under released under a more general licence.

The original Xing code was actually under a much more restrictive
license (i.e., you couldn't get it, at all).  It got into GPL because
EMusic.com (my employer) paid Xing to release it under the GPL so that
FreeAmp could use it.  Xing was only interested in releasing under the
GPL (and not LGPL or a "less restrictive" license) because they did
not wish competitors to make enhancements to commercial products that
competed with their offerings without also having to release the
source code.  I believe the Fraunhofer reference code is released
under a public domain license; if you just want basic decoding, you
could probably use that (although it's obviously slower than FreeAmp).

Good luck!

Brett A. Thomas
Vice President, Technology - EMusic.com, Inc.

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