> Hi. Is there any documentation on the debug functionality? I looked in
> player.cpp for relevant command-line options (none), and in debug.h
> and debug.cpp. How do I turn it on?

Not really -- the function Debug_v() is a function that I use as a
replacement to printf(). This is my primary debugging tool and it requires a
small executable to display the output. However, I usually remove my
debugging statements before checking in code to CVS, so there is nothing to
turn on.

We also have a logging facility, but we haven't really put many logging
statements into the code yet. The decode pipeline uses them, but not very
extensively either.

> BTW, I would like to maintain a development FAQ (because I ask so
> many questions?). Does such a thing exist, or should I just go
> ahead and start compiling it?

Go for it...

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