No more memory leaking..

1. The semantics of the back button seem non-standard to
me. Usually, when playing a track, back would first bring you to the front
of the track. Subsequent presses would iterate back through the tracks. Is
this the intended behavior?

2. No multiple-file select in the open files dialog box. I believe a
standard GTK file dialog box is used, which should support multi-selection
(either CTRL+click or drag a continuous range).

3. Under Gnome, dropping a directory of mp3s onto Freeamp doesn't do the
obvious thing: populate the playlist with the directory's mp3s and play.

4. Switch from playlist to playlist is also awkward. If the current
playlist is empty, selecting a playlist does the obvious thing: load and
play. If the current playlist has any entries, loading a saved playlist
effectively adds all of its songs to the current playlist, and doesn't
begin playing.

So to effectively "hop" from one playlist to another, I have to go to the
Edit menu and clear the playlist.

5. The randomize algorithm isn't random enough. ;) For one thing, it seems
to always start w/ the first track in the playlist.

I apologize if I missed anything obvious. Fyi, I'm now running RH 6.2,
recently upgraded from 6.1. Congrats to the freeamp developers.. this is
now good enough for me to use full-time.


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