OK, I'm confused now.

If I try to use the MMS protocol as in "mms://localhost:portno/file.wma", I
receive a packet but do not know how to decode it and respond.

If I use HTTP, as you suggested, as in "http://localhost:portno/file.wma", I
DO NOT receive a packet but get error 0xC00D002B or NS_E_INVALID_REQUEST.

If I use an external host, to monitor packet transmission, as in
"" I don't see any packets, but I
eventually time out with the NS_E_INVALID_REQUEST error.

I tried the same things with the Microsoft sample apps and the results were

I do get a packet when I use the address in my browser.

I am sure that I am missing something fundamental and simple.  Any guidance?

Ed Patriquin


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