On 29-Aug-2000 Sebastian Marius Kirsch wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to write a commandline ui for freeamp that is (at least
> marginally) compatible with rxaudio (from the XAudio SDK).
> I'm not a C++ programmer; normally, perl is my language of choice, plus
> I know some C.
> I have some sort of support now for the most basic functions (open,
> close, seek, play, stop, exit etc.), but lots of stuff (modules
> handling, volume control) is still missing. There is no support for TCP,
> and no support for abbreviating commands. (Hey! I'd simply use
> Text::Abbrev for that in Perl!)
> I would be happy to share my patches with you, and I would be delighted
> if some of you would offer to implement some of the other features of
> rxaudio.

If you'd want to send a patch my way, I'll see about it going into CVS..


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