On 20-Sep-2000 Chris Kuklewicz wrote:
> While I wait for musicbrainz compile, I will ask about a few peculiar
> problems I saw last night.
> I did a make clean, and ./configure again, but this time I explicitly
> set --enable-esd.

see configure --help.  basically, there's no --enable-esd, just --disable-esd. 
configure's silly and thinks they're interchangeable.

> At the moment, I am preemptively adding code to check all use of
> pointers in the cpp files for the musicbrowser.  Since gdb and the
> core file are useless to me, I need to catch the SEGFAULT before it
> dies, so it can tell me what part of what function is about kick the
> bucket.

If you're willing to experiment, try grabbing the latest CVS of gdb.  It helps
on my machine.


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