Once again, its time for a freeamp release. We're now up to Beta 9 and
the number of reported bugs is seriously dwindling. We don't have many
bugs left to go before we call this 2.1 -- so, if you haven't looked at
the 2.1 series, please download it today and check it out.

Download page: http://www.freeamp.org/index.html?mode=download

Changes in this version:

Changes for Linux and Windows version 2.1.0 beta 9

- Added support for changing the volume with the mouse wheel in windows.
- The average vorbis bitrate is updated every 3 seconds.
- Updated to the latest and greatest Vorbis code.
- Added support for reading Vorbis metadata. No write support yet.
- Fixed a bug where FreeAmp would keep playing some tracks indefinitely
- Fixed a win32 bug where FreeAmp crashed when it loaded a playlist that
  has a track missing.
- Fixed the long startup time when not connected to the 'net and a Releatable
  profile was enabled.
- bunches of memory leaks plugged.
- (Hopefully) fixed DnD on some Win98 boxes.
- Added a link button to the Edit Track Info dialog that goes to the track's
  page at musicbrainz.
- Sort additions to the playlist from the music tree properly.
- Try to grab track numbers from the filename.
- Enhancements to the GTK My Music.
- Save -20dB equalizer settings properly.
- Bunches of little fixes to the Win32 My Music, mostly involving DnD.
- Don't read tags from files that they don't need to be read on.
- SoundsLike recommendations 

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