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> Once again, its time for a freeamp release. We're now up to Beta 9 and
> the number of reported bugs is seriously dwindling. We don't have many
> bugs left to go before we call this 2.1 -- so, if you haven't looked at
> the 2.1 series, please download it today and check it out.
> Download page: http://www.freeamp.org/index.html?mode=download

  Are there any plans to roll in my music browser changes,
 (which allow column selection, on Win32) to future releases?

  I haven't updated this for a while, but I could if there was 

  (Originally I thought I could duplicate the changes on Linux; but
 I don't think I'll be able to do that .. I haven't been able to
 build freeamp on Linux for a _long_ time.)

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