I'm having a problem compiling freeamp on Solaris 2.7.

c++ -I. -I. -I./config -DUNIX_LIBDIR=\"/usr/local/lib\" -Dsolaris -I. -I./lib/gd
bm -I./base/include -I./config -I./io/include -I./ui/include -I./lmc/include -I.
/base/unix/include -I./base/unix/solaris/include -I./io/soundcard/unix/solaris/i
nclude -I./lmc/xingmp3/include -I./lmc/cd/include -I./plm/portable/pmp300/sba -I
./lib/xml/include -I./lib/zlib/include -I./lib/unzip/include -I./io/cd/unix/incl
ude -I./base/aps -I./io/wavout/include -I./ui/lcd/include -I./ui/irman/include -
I./lib/http/include -I./io/signature/include -I./lmc/vorbis/include -O2 -fpermis
sive  -D_REENTRANT    -c base/aps/apsinterface.cpp -o base/aps/apsinterface.o
base/aps/apsinterface.cpp:56: musicbrainz/mb_c.h: No such file or directory
gmake: *** [base/aps/apsinterface.o] Error 1

I also had to remove an include (I think fstream.h) from a file
as it caused a confilct in a function (I'm sorry about being vague it was
late night a couple of days ago).


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