> > I coudn't find MB_SelectExchangedAlbum in musicbrainz\queries.h.
> Hmmmm. Are you using the windows version of the source code?
> --ruaok

Yes, thats it, thank you. 
Now I use queries.h from musicbrainz-1.0.0pre5.tar.gz

Is freeampRC4 in CVS? Could you tell me the suitable command?


Another little bug, seems to be a "write error" in median.cpp,
but i don't remember whether there was a reason to search for:

int compare(const void * a1, const void * a2)
  case 2:
    c1 = BLUE(color2), c2 = BLUE(color2);
should be
    c1 = BLUE(color1), c2 = BLUE(color2);


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