On  9 Nov, Mark Lehrer wrote:
> Well I am continuing to dig and the short packets/frames are
> unfortunately showing up in XingLMC::DecodeWork()... perhaps the
> scariest looking routine (comment-free too) in the whole program.
> If I had to take a preliminary guess, I'd say it's trying to play a
> frame at a time (420 bytes or so) and sometimes it only grabs a
> partial frame at a time.  Trying to play a null frame makes the sound
> card angry.

I've got one track that this happens on and I've always thought the
track was messed up. However, upon closer inspection I've found that the
track itself is fine. However, when the track is captured using the save
stream utility it does not play back properly.

Using the mp3_check utility it becomes clear that some of the frames end
up being two bytes short, which causes freeamp to skip the following
frame since the sync marker got consumed as part of the previous frame.

I tried upgrading my icecast server, but that failed miserably on my old
mandrake box that I use as my Obsequiuem server. I would suspect this to
be an icecast problem -- can you upgrade your icecast server to the
latest and greatest?

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