Hello All,

I have downloaded 2.1RC5 for both Windows and Linux. Actually the
Linux version is compiled from CVS, but I updated CVS as soon as I
received the release announcement so it should be close enough.

Anyway, I have some comments regarding the new versions. The Linux
side looks really solid. I deleted my metadatabase (more on that
later) and re-scanned my computer for music. The scan was the fastest
I have ever seen - both for MP3 and Ogg files. Currently FreeAMP is
signaturing all of my files.

The Windows version looks a little less solid - more flakey. I'll try
to describe exactly what I noticed. When I first opened the music browser
and added a track to be played all of the fields on the "Current Playlist"
side of the window were squashed to a width of 5 or so. Also, the "My
Music" button acts differently than under Linux. Under Linux, clicking
"My Music" while the window is open will close the "My Music" window.
Under Windows this is not the case - "My Music" has to be closed using
the close button on the window. Not a serious bug, but annoying

Speaking of seriously annoying bugs, it appears that the format for
the databases was changed between RC4 and RC5. When I tried to
signature tracks in Windows using my old database FreeAMP promptly
generated a "This program has executed an illegal instruction" dialog
back. The backtrace indicated a Page Fault error. (See bug 1147 for
details.) It wasn't until I deleted my old metadatabase that FreeAMP
bothered to tell me that the format had changed. Also, under Windows
the signaturing process hung four times. I had to keep killing
FreeAMP, and restarting the process (not from the beginning -
thankfully!) in order for all of my tracks to be signatured.

Under Linux, after I installed RC5 FreeAMP came up asking for
permission to resignature my tracks. After saying yes, FreeAMP
crashed. I repeated the process twice before deciding to delete my
metadatabase file under Linux. As soon as I did so, FreeAMP told me
that the data format had changed.

So, could FreeAMP please be changed so that changes to the metadata
formats are reported *before* attempting to signature tracks? Real
error reporting instead of puzzling crashes and segfaults would be
nice too. And how about fixing the "My Music" button in Windows?

Other than those few annoyances a solid product that I intend to use
for sometime to come. And on that note I'll mention some feature
enhancements. Will it be possible for the Relatable technologies to be
used offline? For instance, when I am on a disconnected laptop, but
still want to generate playlists? Will it be possible in the future to
specify how long of a playlist should be generated? For instance I
could specify "add 25 songs to playlist" or "generate a playlist
lasting 2 hours".

Thanks for reading this rather long e-mail!

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