On 27 Nov, Isaac Richards wrote:
>>       This also takes out all my other software that uses esd. I first
>> thought this was due to my config as I upgraded esd when I changed to
>> GNOME 1.2 but I'm beginning to doubt that. Is it just me or are others
>> getting this??
> Well, I don't use esd anymore since the sblive driver lets you do everything
> esd does in hardware, but nothing's changed to Freeamp's esd driver in quite 
> a long time..  What version of esd are you using currently?  I'll check it out
> when I get some time...

I did tweak with it some time ago, but once I got done with it I had no
more issues. Are you using the latest and greatest version of ESD? Just
before I started tweaking it I upgraded to the latest and greatest. If
you are using the latest and greatest ESD version and you're still
experiencing problems, please enter a bug report into Bugzilla.

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