I have been thinking about one particular feature that I would like to 
see in musicbrowser. It's about the "My Music" tree view of the MP3.

The tree is constructed of "Artist/Album/Song name" hierarchy. What I 
would like to do, I'd like to create second pass for to filter the mp3 
db to determine if the some artists have only one song on "Album" and 
the "Album" actually has a lot of "Artists" on it.

Basically, I would like to have Various Artists albums to have
1) their name to be first in hierarchy - replacing "Artist"
2) probably no artists should be listed below that - proceed to "Song 
name" listing immediately.

I have converted to Linux, by the way. I took a brief look into GTK 
Musicbrowser and decided to post a query here for time being ;)

another thing that I might be working on: I got me very nice 45Gb 
harddrive, so far some 10gb is filled with MP3. This means I might be 
looking into how FreeAmp scales when fed huge playlists, etc (does this 
qualify as huge?:). You guys probably have access to way more mp3...
Anyway, nice project would be to insure that FreeAmp would not hiccup 
even on terabyte collections ;)

Valters "WaTT" Vingolds
... self improvement is masturbation. self destruction might be the answer.


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