On Tue, 06 Mar 2001, Isaac Richards wrote:

> On 06-Mar-2001 Joseph A. Martin wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I compiled and installed FreeAMP 2.1RC6. Deleted ~/.freeamp. Created a
> > new relatable profile. Scanned just one album's worth of ogg files.
> > Attempted to signature. Immediate segfault. Tried again. Immediate
> > segfault.
> Yup.  Just fixed it in CVS.  Stupid little bug in the vorbis decoder from when I
> added the ability to for vorbis streams to change metadata midstream..  If
> there's enough call for it, I'll see about putting up updated
> tarballs/rpms/exes/etc..

Well, not quite fixed apparently. I just updated from CVS and
recompiled. It thinks about the first track for 3 seconds and then

> > I am running Freeamp + the latest mb_client on Debian GNU/Linux
> > (unstable). 
> > 
> > I was able to successfully scan a directory of mp3 files. Signaturing
> > failed, however, with a message asking if I was connected to the
> > internet or needed to configure a proxy. And, yes, I was connected to
> > the net at the time.
> Make sure you're actually running the latest mb_client that was released last
> night as well.  I'd guess that you're using the previous release..

Urm, yes. I did have a previous copy installed in /usr/lib. Fixed
that. So, works great for MP3, not so good for Vorbis.

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