<snip author='Bill Cheek' date='25.07.01'>
> I am running Caldera's new OpenLinux Workstation 3.1. When I try to run 
> freeamp installed from the rpms or when I try to build it, I get the 
> following error:
> libgdk_pixbuf.so.2: cannot load shared object file: No such file or directory
> This library doesn't exist on my configuration, and I can find no reference 
> to from Caldera, Red Hat, or from www.linux.org. Can somebody please tell me 
> what I'm missing (or at least where to find the library)?

It's a graphics library.  Here's the blurb from my Debian package:

 The GdkPixBuf library provides a number of features:
   - Reference counting for libart's ArtPixBuf structure.
   - Image loading facilities.
   - Rendering of a GdkPixBuf into various formats:
      drawables (windows, pixmaps), GdkRGB buffers.
   - Fast scaling and compositing of pixbufs.
   - Simple animation loading (ie. animated gifs)

This URL is a search 'gdk_pixbuf' on rpmfind.net:



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