On Saturday 19 January 2002 11:07, Ed Sweetman wrote:
> It seems that freeamp is not playing nicely with the oss implimentation
> that the latest alsa 0.9.x lib has. I've traced it to that point.   next
> would be seeing if any other apps do.

>From the libao README:

The OSS emulation in ALSA deviates from the OSS spec by not returning
immediately from an open() call if the OSS device is already in use.
Instead, it makes the application wait until the device is available.
This is not desirable during the autodetection phase of libao, so a
workaround has been included in the source.  Since the workaround
itself violates the OSS spec and causes other problems on some
platforms, it is only enabled when ALSA is detected.  The workaround
can be turned on or off by passing the --enable-broken-oss or
--disable-broken-oss flag to the configure script.

You might have some luck comparing libao's fix to the freeamp source.


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