Hi. Freeamp is a wonderfull  player, but it lacks some, in my opinion
important features.

In "My Music"

* Ability to add directorystructred subtrees of the soundfiles, that
  works like the IDtag tree, but uses the plain directorystructure
  instead. And maybe the ability to turn of the id3tag-tree. It's
  pretty useless (too slow) on a lagre collections of soundfiles
  located on several different netfilesystems unless all tags are in
  sync. This also makes it easier to 
   1. Listen to compilation-albums with songs from several artists
   2. Edit bad or nonexistant idtags.

  This sould be pretty trivial to implement, (except that my c++
  abilities are close to nonexistant :-)

* Searchfunction in "My Music". A good solution would be to search for a
  string, and a popupwindow (or maybe a second playlist (split the
  playlistwindow maybe :-) with a list of all songs that match the
  string in some sort of way. Some of these song could then be marked
  and dragged to the playlist. Or maybe even better. The search
  produces a subnode in the new "My searches" in the "my music" subtree as
  searhnodes "search for "Paradise Lost"" results as subnodes. Keep
  maybe 5 of those searchnodes. And you could drag it to the playlist.
  Searches should match song, artist, album or filename. (maybe
  regexps :-)

  This is probably some more work. But would be really great.

Unfortunalty, as I mentioned, my c++ skills are nothing to brag about,
so hopefully someone that belives these ideas is worth implenting could
do the necessary patching.. And then... freeamp would be _THE_ player
for all OS'es.

Any takes? 


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