On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 11:14, CJ Kucera wrote:
> Hello again.
> I thought it would be nice to have the CDRom be one of the default
> items to search under in FreeAmp's "Search for Music" screen, as
> I typically keep my mp3s on CD, not my hard drive.  As such, I
> cobbled together a quick little patch to do that.  It'll search
> to see if /cdrom exists (for Debian distros), and if that path
> isn't found, it'll default to /mnt/cdrom.  Not elegant, I know,
> but it should get the job done.
> Patch is attached, thanks again!
> -CJ

It's actually not standard to mount things inside /mnt   but rather /mnt
be a mount point of some device.  

You should use /proc/mounts to look for cdrom fs's and query their
mountpoints.   I think that would be better than hardcoding paths.  


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