On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 01:46:29PM +0100, Laurent Violette wrote:

> I am actually setting up a robust MP3 rtp streaming server for a large firm
> in Europe.

> I am very interesting in Freeamp because it is open source and run on
> Windows as well as Linux.

  Surely the opensourceness of the client is largely irrelevent, if the
 streamer sends audio in a standard format, such as icecast, which is
> I would like to know if Freeamp can be embedded in a Web page like
> RealPlayer.

  No it cannot.

> If not, I plan to launch it using .sdp files but it still does not work
> (Freeamp write "Skipped corrupted file").
> How to write .sdp file in order Freeamp can read it ?

  I'm not sure about that to be honest..

  But I could take this opertunity to plug my Unix streaming server which 
 will allow users to stream, search, and browse a remote MP3 collection.

  It's small, portable, stable and simple to use - the clients can be
 anything from WinAmp, to XMMS, and of course FreeAmp.

  http://www.gnump3d.org/ - there's a new release due, which will be
 available once I've built the Debian packages..


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