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>Dear freebsd-{acpi,drivers,hardware}@, 
>Attached patch provides support for the hardware monitoring capabilities 
>that are present in many modern desktop motherboards from ASUS featuring 
>the ATK0110 ACPI device. 
>This driver, aibs(4), is a fresh replacement for FreeBSD's existing 
>acpi_aiboost(4).  The new aibs(4) driver has the following advantages 
>when compared to the old acpi_aiboost(4): 
>* the sensors are now provided through the user-serviceable hw.acpi.aibs0 
>  tree (with a subtree for each sensor type), instead of the Newbus-internal 
>  dev.acpi_aiboost.0 tree that contains various nonprime data at the same 
>  level as the actual sensors 
>* the supposed range specifications are now reported 
>  for each input that is being sensed 
>* the nature of the new tree, with "volt", "temp" and "fan" subtrees, 
>  allows one to specifically query for the sensors of a certain type 
>* the temperature sensors are exported in the temperature 'K' units through 
>  sysctl(9), such that they are pretty-printed by sysctl(8) automatically 

I don't think there is not so large advantage, but
I will not make an objection in that you want to 
maintain your driver long time. (I don't have access 
to motherboard with ATK0110 any more.)
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