on 30/05/2010 08:53 Damian Gerow said the following:
> Damian Gerow wrote:
> : : Hi Damian,
> : :     Have you also tried setting hw.usb.debug=1 and see what's reported
> : : by the new USB stack?
> : 
> : Yup.  I couldn't remember if hw.usb.debug was a blanket statement for
> : hw.usb*debug, so I also set hw.usb.ehci.debug, hw.usb.ohci.debug,
> : hw.usb.dev.debug, and hw.usb.ums.debug to 1.
> For kicks, I just booted a kernel without any USB support at all, and
> experience the same symptoms: the mouse is functional (well, appears to be,
> anyhow) when the boot loader is active, but goes dark around when ACPI
> starts to do its thing.

Please also try to experiment with hw.pci.usb_early_takeover.

Andriy Gapon
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