On 11/12/12 23:13, Stefan Horomnea wrote:
> Hi,
> I have tried with 1 and then 0 to both settings (hw.pci.do_power_suspend
> and hw.pci.do_power_resume) but with no luck, it does the same.
> What happens is, after executing the sleep command, I hear a short beep,
> the power button blinks rapidly three times, and then monitor, hdd, stop,
> and the power button pulses as you say, at a slow pace, like it went to
> sleep. But when I wake it, it reboots.
> Thanks for your suggestion anyway. Any other suggestions ?
> Stefan
> On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 6:12 PM, matt <sendtom...@gmail.com> wrote:
 That sounds quite odd...unfortunately I think the L series is only
cosmetically similar to the SL series. I gave it away, so I can't test
with it anymore to see if it's a recent change.

Try debug.acpi.suspend_bounce=1 and try to suspend. This will either
work with no problems, work with a lot of kernel printf errors, or
reboot. I think the result of that would be interesting.
Try debug.acpi.resume_beep=1 (with suspend_bounce cleared) and try
again...does it beep before rebooting?

With my SL410, I also went into the bios and disabled everything I
didn't use (although it didn't help). You could also try sending
power_off to usb devices manually with usbconfig, and setting

debug.acpi.reset_video actually caused  a similar problem for me on my
x220, so make sure it's off as well (I doubt you have it on, but it's
worth a mention given the symptoms)

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