On 02/25/13 14:27, Eitan Adler wrote:
> Tried randomly guessing path names, but nothing resulted in anything
> but "Unknown object type '0'" I don't know how to read the ASL, what
> other paths are likely to work?

The "SCOPE" sections set the base path for the devices in a block, so if
you find "device vga", scroll up and you'll

Replace * with _BCL then _BCM -i "value in bcl results" (the bcl results
are kind of readable in hex)


Are all I can find. There might be another issue than the thinkpad one
at play if none work.

All the BCMs call the AINT method (which I hope doesn't stand for AINT
They all are shell functions for the one under GFX0 (which also has a
bunch of thermal checks, maybe it's the best bet).

One other method to try is this LVLS method under any of the above...it
is involved in transforming the incoming level to ec-values I think?


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