On 08/30/13 23:53, Sergey A. Osokin wrote:

Maybe try x11perf before and after?  I just removed VESA from my kernel on an
X220 and it now suspends and resumes great in X.  I don't notice any slowdown,
but I'm using a very simple tiling window manager (i3wm).

I'm also using i3 now, previously it was fvwm2 earlier with slowdown.

Gleb and Luara, could you try x11-wm/i3 for suspend/resume trick and check

I was using twm (like i3, it's very lightweight window manager and actually my personal preference for everyday use) and saw little or no slowdown under normal use. (I was able to get the cpu load to spike quite a bit higher by scrolling an xterm as fast as I could, but that's not very normal.)

Will try i3 tomorrow.

Perhaps cairo-perf with some common set of traces would be a good comparison?


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