Alright.. I can't quite disable USB, since I think that would mean I can't
use my keyboard after the kernel boots.  I did enable the kldunload and
kldload in the rc.suspend / resume files in case that was it. It wasn't.

I removed ethernet, wifi, sound, and a few other things from the kernel
config.  Booted up no problem, but I'm suffering from the same problem.

When I blindly run kldload i915kms after I resume from sleep, the display
does flicker a little, but still doesn't output anything. If I run startx
after I resume, it does something similar as well.

If I enable acpi bounce with verbose in sysctl, nothing seems to error from
what I can tell.

Anything else I might be able to try to get to the bottom of this? I'm
pretty determined to get this working..

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013, clutton wrote:
> BIOS is not in case.
> All you need is build minimal custom kernel.
> Without usb, ethernet, wifi, sound, etc. Then try again.
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