Awesome! Looks like that worked.

The LCD turns back on dimmed down completely, but that's workable (turning
up the brightness brings it back).

Thanks a lot!

On 2013-10-22 12:08 PM, "John Baldwin" <> wrote:

> On Saturday, October 19, 2013 8:17:14 pm Andrew Klaus wrote:
> > Mine uses the Intel 3000 graphics I believe.  There's no Nvidia on this
> > system.  I did run the patch anyways, and it didn't seem to help on the
> > modified kernel.
> Try suspending in X with VESA removed from your kernel.  This has worked
> reliably for some Thinkpad laptops using i915.  The LCD will only turn back
> on if you suspend/resume in X, but not at the console.
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> John Baldwin
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