On Sun, 4 May 2014 13:51:20 -0700, Adrian Chadd wrote:
 > On 4 May 2014 13:00, Poul-Henning Kamp <p...@phk.freebsd.dk> wrote:

 > > I havn't seen suspend/resume work for ages on my T4xx laptops and
 > > as far as I recall it never worked on this T430s at all.
 > I've tested it (-HEAD) on:
 > * T43
 > * T60
 > * T60p
 > * T400
 > * T500
 > * T420
 > * X220
 > I'm actively using the T60, T400 and X220 right now.

So, is the USB not working after $n resumes on T4xx and T2xx (at least) 
now fixed in HEAD?  If so, it would be REALLY good to MFC whatever fixed 
it to 10 and hopefully to 9 before 9.3.

I need to do more tests on stable/9; it didn't work with the offered 
workarounds on 9.2-RELEASE (leaving VESA out of kernel leaves me with no 
screen on resume in console mode, setting sysctl dev.[ue]hci.*.wake=1 
fails to even start to resume) though if that works on 10 I'd give it a 
go, despite Darren Pilgrim's dvd1_to_memstick script failing to have pkg 
use any of the local DVD packages, which is why I went back to 9.2

I know you only like working on HEAD, but unless there's API/ABI reasons 
preventing MFC, it would be great to have 9.3 work in this respect .. my 
X200 is not useful for purpose if it won't suspend/resume 100% reliably, 
with USB, and I don't want to run 11 on it, it's needed for developing 
non-FreeBSD stuff (in freepascal, if that's not a dirty word here :) and 
for that it needs to be rock solid while travelling from place to place.

 > I'd like to see it working on more laptops and I've worked with
 > various people in the past to try and fix whichever resume issues I
 > find.

Indeed; last I heard was last July with unsolved USB issues on your 
T400, and the mysterious but related 'CPU0: local APIC error 0x40'

 > I'm happy leaving this as-is but at some point something has to be
 > bitten and the bugs in the drivers / ACPI stuff need to be fixed. :)

It's a bit disconcerting if fixes only ever make it into HEAD, for me.

cheers, Ian

(someone please sing out if I shouldn't be crossposting to -arch)
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