On Friday, January 30, 2015 12:37:10 pm Kevin Oberman wrote:
> My experience is the opposite.  With KMS I could run with VESA and without
> it I needed to pull VESA from my kernel.
> As of today I am running fine with KMS, i915, and vt(4) with a standard
> GENERIC 10-STABLE kernel. I was running KMS and vt(4) well before they were
> MFCed, so I don't remember when I stopped adding "nooptions VESA", but I
> definitely used to need it to make suspect/resume work and don't any longer.
> In any case, trying  kernel without VESA is a good idea.

FYI, VESA only applies to sc(4).  It is ignored for vt(4).  That is why it 
"works" with vt(4).

John Baldwin
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