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> On 10/16/15 16:09, account lost wrote:
>> Hi, I'm using FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p5 amd64 on a thinkpad t430.
>> I have suspend and resume functionality working by using newcons and
>> i915kms.ko as the video driver, but whenever I plug in and use my usb DAC,
>> either by choosing it in applications supporting OSS or by setting it as
>> the hw.snd.default_unit and then disconnect it without terminating the
>> audio applications, I can't enter acpi s3.
>> When trying to suspend the system I get repeated messages on the console:
>> "Waiting for sound application to exit!" (as documented here:
>> http://baitisj.blogspot.it/2015/05/usb-audio-disconnect-woes-in-freebsd.html)
>> but I can't react by killing the incriminated pid since ttys are already
>> unavailable, and I'm forced to perform an hard reset
> Hi,
> There is a bug in pulseaudio or some mixer application, that it doesn't
> close the /dev/mixer or /dev/dsp, when receiving a read/write error from
> the USB audio device.
> Try killing pulseaudio.
> --HPS

You might also try lsof(8) or fstat(1) to confirm what is holding it open.
(I really wish I could avoid using pulseaudio at all. It's a giant pain in
the rear and pretty useless, but my MATE desktop insists.)

I'd be curious if both fstat and lsof work. Of late I have not had success
with fstat on a hung device, but lsof works fine. I realy need to try to
track the fstat ossue down and, if it's not cockpit error, open a bug
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