Marc G. Fournier wrote:
 > Oliver Fromme wrote:
 > > By the way, I've got a small question.  Does the database
 > > throw all entries away at the end of each month, and start
 > > all over again with zero entries?  Or is each entry expired
 > > after a certain time has elapsed (31 days or whatever)?
 > Neither ... the month that the report was submitted for has one entry for 
 > host ... we'll be able to graph stuff like growht in # of reporting hosts 
 > and such ...

I'm not sure that will work well ...  Lets see what happens
when October begins.  At the beginning of September, the
statistics were all reset to zero.

 > > I just noticed that "PC-BSD" is mentioned as separate OS in the 
 > > statistics now.  I think it would be better to count it for FreeBSD 
 > > instead, because PC-BSD (similar to FreeSBIE) is just a standard FreeBSD 
 > > kernel + userland, plus some gadgets on top (GUI installer or live FS, 
 > > respectively).
 > The 'plus some gadgets on top' is, IMHO, important ... it shows ppl are 
 > adopting BSD, but that, for them, those 'gadgets' are important for the 
 > deployment ...

Sorry, I was a bit unclear ...  I didn't mean to say that
you shouldn't collect the numbers for each OS sub-variant
(or lets call it "distribution") separately.  But I think
it would make sense to group them together for the "Big 4"
on the front page (main page) at

By the way, I think you cannot tell much from those numbers,
because they don't really show any real-world usage of the
various BSD variants.  Not now, and not in a year from now.
The reason for that is that the different BSD projects have
very different policies for enabling the bsdstats script by
default during installation or during update.

By the way (apropos default policies):  Guess why OpenBSD
has gotten ahead of FreeBSD in the statistics?  It has been
growing at a much higer rate all the time, and will continue
to do so.  Soon the statistics will "prove" that OpenBSD's
user base is ten times larger than FreeBSD's, because we
won't have a bsdstats option in sysinstall in 6.2-Release.
I'd be willing to submit a patch (I'm somewhat familiar
with the sysinstall code), but I assume it's too late
because we're already in code freeze, and sysinstall is
a particularly critical piece of code.  Apart from that,
such a patch will probably be shredded to pieces by
bike shed discussions.

*sigh*  I'm sorry, what I wrote isn't really constructive,
but rather bellyaching about the whole situation.  Maybe
I should better shut up now.  :-)

Best regards

Oliver Fromme,  secnetix GmbH & Co. KG, Marktplatz 29, 85567 Grafing
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