On 3/5/15 4:45 PM, Grant Hayes wrote:
Dear FreeBSD developers, users, and other enthusiasts:

This is a call for individuals to organize #InstallFreeBSD events in their
locales. The purpose of these events is to increase awareness of our
favorite operating system because it's worth knowing about and using.

The events should be planned ahead of time and open to the public to
maximize the impact of sharing FreeBSD with the wider world. It would be
great to use a shared agenda that will allow each event to engage its
participants in an intentional but leave room for flexibility.

These events should take place the week of Monday, March 30. It's several
weeks away, which allows plenty of time to collaborate on putting these

For a more in-depth look at how and why, see

If you're interested, have questions, or already have one coming together,
share here on the list and coordinate the work.
This is a really good idea.

I guess one question I would have to ask though is what are the selling points of FreeBSD? The page has a great agenda, but let's say you were appealing to someone running Linux, Ubuntu, OS X, Windows... what exactly do they have to gain by coming down and installing FreeBSD?

It would be nice to have some talking points on that.


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