David O'Brien wrote:

> > Does anybody have a plans to fix plip code which is broken a quite
> > awhile (several months or so)?
> Since I used it just last week on two -CURRENT boxes, I'd say there is
> some other problem you are experecing.

I'm also using two -current boxes (P133 and K6-2/300) and when trying to
do more or less massive file transfer one of the boxes dying with panic
(usually one with a slower processor, but not alvays). Changing ppc
flags also doesn't resolve a problem. If you can please try to test it
by doing "ping -f -s 8000 other_side" - this test actually bring one
side to its knees it several seconds (at lease for me). Some time ago I
had rised this question and Bruce Evans told that this problem arise
because of switch to newbus. Maybe you can look at his original meassage


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