>You misunderstood what Bruce wrote. PLIP has always been broken. It
>used to be possible to hack around the brokenness by setting the
>interrupt mask to net instead of tty. With newbus, this hack is no
>longer possible (it was never correct anyway; it broke printing).

Or by statically configuring SLIP (which forced tty = net), or maybe
by dynamically configuring PPP.  The tty = net hack went away with
old-bus, so SLIP is broken in much the same way as PLIP.

>The problem with PLIP is that it tries to do splnet stuff in at
>spltty. If you force the parallell port driver to run at splnet, PLIP
>works but you get panics when you print because it tries to do spltty
>stuff at splnet.

Possible quick fix (hack): change all the spltty()'s in lpt.c to
splnet()'s.  lpt isn't a tty driver; it just abuses spltty().  Abusing
splnet() instead should work OK for lpt and fix if_plip.


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