And how do you create dumps from a kernel that hasn't finished booting
(not gotten to the stage of reading rc.conf)? 'dumps on' in kernel
config does not seem to do the job.


>     A checklist for people who want kernel cores:
>     * make sure that dumpdev is set to point to your swap partition
>       in your /etc/rc.conf
>     * make sure your swap partition is large enough to hold the crash
>       dump.  If you have 256MB of ram, your swap partition must be 
>       at least 256MB in size.
>     * make sure /var/crash has sufficient space to hold the dump
>       (note: /var/crash *can* be a softlink to a directory in some
>       other partition if /var does not have sufficient space)
>       /var/crash must nominally have sufficient space to hold the crash
>       dump (a file of the same size as the amount of memory you have),
>       *and* the kernel image.  Normally you give it a lot more space so
>       you store several crash dumps in it at once.


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