Apm does not seem to be behaving correctly on my computer (running
yesterday's CURRENT)

eg: with a make world running, the following happens after about 15 mins
of not touching the keyboard.

Execute APM hook "pcm suspend handler"
Called APM sound suspend hook for unit 1
Execute APM hook "default suspend"

However, disk activity continues and the monitor isn't blanked.
then, if  a key is pressed:

Execute APM hook "default resume"
resume from suspended mode (Slept 00:28:34)
Execute APM Hook "pcm resume handler"
Called APM sound resume hook for unit 1

If apm -z is given, then the computer does go to sleep, monitor blanks,
no disk activity.

However, if apm -z is used while the computer is doing something (eg:
compiling a kernel)
then the computer goes to sleep, and everything stops, but will not wake
up properly.
no new process can be started ie: any command typed in starts but does
not appear to do anything, and can't be stopped (control -c)
if top is runing before apm -z is done then after resuming,top shows and
continues to update:

process state
top     RUN
make    SELECT
ld      getblk
apmd    biord
syncer  drainv
alt-ctl-delete also does not work.

if more info is needed, just let me know what to do. Thanks =).
(I also don't need the apm features of the motherboard that much, so if
its likely to take a lot of work making apm work right just for this
motherboard it probably isn't worth the effort)


apm0: <APM BIOS> on motherboard
apm: APM BIOS version 0102
apm: Code16 0xc00f0000, Data 0xc0000400
apm: Code entry 0x0000ef50, Idling CPU disabled, Management enabled
apm: CS_limit=0xffff, DS_limit=0xffff
apm: Engaged control enabled
apm: found APM BIOS v1.2, connected at v1.2
apm: Slow Idling CPU disabled
Add hook "default suspend"
Add hook "default resume"

[I didn't originally have the 'idling CPU disabled' set in the bios, but
then the cpu would be put into a slow state while actually busy,
resulting in make world taking many more hours than usual...]

APM version: 1.2
APM Managment: Enabled
AC Line status: on-line
Battery status: unknown
Remaining battery life: unknown
Remaining battery time: unknown
Number of batteries: 0
Resume timer: Wed Dec 31 18:59:59 1969
Resume on ring indicator: enabled
APM Capacities:
        global standby state
        global suspend state
        resume timer from suspend 


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