Brian F. Feldman writes:
 > On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, Warner Losh wrote:
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 >Feldman" writes:
 > > : I suppose, but wouldn't the proper place be under machdep? I agree that
 > > : a linux top-level MIB would be easiest to remember.
 > > 
 > > Linux isn't machdep.  It is MI since we could have Linux/Alpha or
 > > Linux/MIPS emulators...
 > Well then, we need to move it a directory level and take out machine
 > dependencies, and make it machine independent.

Linux is actually a little bit machdep:  we can't move it all up a
directory level because most of the syscall numbers, as well as many
flags (to mmap, ioctl, etc) are different between linux/i386 &
linux/alpha.  They bootstrapped themselves off of osf/1 & never
reverted back to their own flags/syscall numbers, they just grew a new
set instead. So I'd suggest moving everything but linux.h & the
syscall related files up a level.  There will need to be some ifdefs
in the code, but not many.

I've been working a little on getting the Linuxulator running on
FreeBSD/alpha.  Because linux is such a bloody cludge (the syscall &
flags differences), its a bit more difficult that I initially thought
it would be.  The also call some functions (osf1_setsysinfo, for
example) which are really osf/1 calls.  Luckily, I have my osf/1
compat code which I'm using to field these.

Right now it works well enough to install linux_base from ports (good
job in keeing it MI, Marcel!) & run things like ls, uname, etc.
However, its not useful for anything real just yet.  My goal is to get
em86 (the x86 emulator that lets linux/alpha run linux/i386 binaries)
running, as well as the Compaq compilers.


PS: Is anybody interested in reviewing my osf/1 compat code so that it
can be comitted?  It works quite well (SimOS, Netscape, Mathematica,
Matlab, S-Plus, emacs, etc all run), but I'd really like somebody to
look it over before I commit it. I've left it at

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