I modified the biosdisk.c code as follows....

(first part of function)

for (unit=0;unit<nbdinfo;unit++)
        if (bdinfo[unit].bd_unit == initial_bootinfo->bi_bios_dev)
if ((unit == nbdinfo ) && (nbdinfo < MAXBDDEV) ) {
        bdinfo[nbdinfo].bd_flags=(unit <0x80) ? BD_FLOPPY : 0;

        printf("Probiobing for bios disk 0x%02x\n", unit);
        /* I did that to make sure my code was being run*/
        if (!bd_int13probe(&bdinfo[nbdinfo]))
        return 0;

        printf ("BIOS drive %c is disk%d\n", ...);
return 0;
} /*end of function */

With these mods it will not find the "0x8b" device, event though the "probing
got bios disk..." does indeed print.


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