On 27.08.1999, 10:52, Jordan K. Hubbard wrote:

> Sorry, I've lived in Europe, you can't pull that one on me. :)

> In Germany, for example, it's possible to sue someone simply for
> sticking their finger against their forehead.  The myth that only the
> U.S. is litigious is just that, a myth.  Europeans sue the crap out of
> one another all the time, and for issues just as silly. :)


A  well  known  german lawyer is currently about to sue a few webhosters
for  using the name "Webspace" in their ads. (Yes, some silly - or maybe
not-so-silly  - dude has registered the word "Webspace" as a trademark).
In this case, the problem are not the lawyers, but the fact that you can
actually register trademarks like this one.

Others have been threatened with lawsuits for using the word "Triton" in
mainboard  advertisments  a  few years ago, because "Triton" sounds very
similar to the registered trademark "Tricon".

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