I was trying to upgrade from 2.2.6 to current using cvsup, then used
make world.  All went well, ( I was in single user mode)  then I tried
to reboot and I get the message
mount: ufs filesystem not available.

if I do fsck and see all my mount points and they have no errors but I
can't reboot.
mount -a gives me
3 (mount: ufs filesystem not available)
modload: creating procfs-mod: Read-only file system
procfs: vsfload(procfs): operation not permitted
mount: ufs filesystem not available

You'll probably say, he newbies should not be doing this, but
everything goes so well I thaugh id try something more exiting.  

Any ideas before I go back to my 2.2.6 cd and start over?

Mario... thanks

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