>     WHAT am I supose to do with this?  I don't even understand what you
>     are trying to tell me.  You booted single user and got a hang.  What
>     is the #'ed line supose to be?  Last time *_I_* booted single user I
>     didn't see such output.

Actually I don't really care what you do with this.  I did say "more later"
but you chopped that part out.  I was only trying to give a heads up.

I've been playing with it for a few minutes and here is some more info:

ie0: unknown board_id: f000
1 3C5x9 board(s) on ISA found at 0x300
ep0 at port 0x300-0x30f irq 10 on isa0
ep0: utp[*UTP*] address 00:a0:24:a1:9a:1e
isa_compat: didn't get ports for le
isa_compat: didn't get ports for cs
unknown0: <3Com 3C509B EtherLink III> at port 0x210-0x21f irq 5 on isa0
ep0 XXX: driver didn't set ifq_maxlen
changing root device to wd0s1a

Since we have an ep0 and an unknown0 the ifconfig ep0 causes a hang.  Doing
this in stand alone eliminates other issues.  When debugging it pays to do

I assume that the unknown0 probe success is where we are going astray - 
this may be a similar buglet to the ed_probe_HP_pclanp() routine I submitted
a patch for last week ( lots of return 0 instead of return ENXIO ).

I'll be doing some additional debugging this evening when I have more time.

Guess I made the mistake of misreading a request that came through
freebsd-current a few days ago asking for any problem reports with ep0.
My mistake - sorry - I shall return to lurking.


Mark Hittinger

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