Peter Wemm wrote:
> "Donald J . Maddox" wrote:
> > Ok, will do.  Thanks.
> >
> > This may be a silly question, but...  The old PnP driver recognized
> > a lot of devices, including my AWE64.  Isn't there a list of IDs it
> > was aware of that should be merged into newPnP ASAP?
> The old PnP code was matching on the card vendor ID.  The new pnp code
> treats each logical device on it's own and matches by logical ID.

        The new architecture sounds like a good thing, but isn't there a way to
fall back to the old method if the logical device ID isn't found?
Perhaps with an error message asking the user to report the logical ID
to [EMAIL PROTECTED]? Of course I'm probably dreaming
here, but it seems to me that some kind of compromise should be
possible, since I tend to agree with Donald that "Working before + not
working now = broken," no matter how much "better" the broken version is
from the purity standpoint. 

"Stop it, I'm gettin' misty." 

    - Mel Gibson as Porter, "Payback"

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