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>Matthew Jacob wrote:
>> This is a harmless message for the moment. I took a look at the new
>> make_dev stuff- it's more than a no-brainer to add because there's a lot
>> of stuff about supported device nodes, etc... I'll try and get back to
>> this after FreeBSDcon.
>Funny, phk's comments led me to believe it's actually easier to use
>make_dev() (!= makedev(), btw -- maybe you looked up the wrong
>And, talking about phk, it is also my impression that it is his
>intent to push these changes as fast as he can. He gets strange at
>this time of the year, y'know... I think Jordan once posted an
>interesting explanation for this phenomenum. :-)

"This time of the year" == "This time in the release cycle"

If we want to have a somewhat clean line before 4.0 now is the time
to push it through, not after the code freeze.

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