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>> >And could you mention when the code freeze might be so that some of us
>> >could plan our work? Perhaps I've missed something, but I hadn't heard
>> >when the freeze would be. I have a *lot* of things to consider changing
>> >before it.
>> I have no idea when the code freeze happens, neither has anybody else.
>> Looking at my complete collection of FreeBSD CDs on the shelf here
>> I would put my money (but not too much) on january 2000.
>Well, you scared me with the "not after the code freeze" statement. I
>would like the work I do for FreeBSD 4.0 not to be as incomplete as it was
>for FreeBSD 3.0, so making plans as to when new feature freeze is would be
>a "good thing (tm)".

I'd say try to have the boat rocking done by dec 1st, but that is merely
a guess.

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