On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, Daniel O'Connor wrote:

> On 27-Feb-00 Chuck Robey wrote:
> > fine example, tho.  We break the location of the config files that all
> > tcl
> > packages rely upon to build, for the purpose of allowing folks to run
> > multiple versions simultaneously.  Tcl isn't the only one like that,
> > either.  Anyone who wants to be able to build other tcl software that
> > isn't derived from a port would be well advised to avoid using our port.
> This is done because none of those programs/libs developed a system on
> their own which allowed multiple versions to be on the same machine OR
> made SURE that they where backward compatible..
> Its not the ports collection thats at fault, the people who did it this
> way are cleaning up the mess made by other coders.
> This happens for tcl, gtk, qt.. There are quite a number. (at least 3! ;)

Can I ask you, why could this not have been done through a system of
symlinks and a little batch-file to switch them?

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