On 05-Apr-99 David O'Brien wrote:
>> > ===> rpcsvc
>> > rpcgen -C -h -DWANT_NFS3 /work/FreeBSD/src/include/rpcsvc/klm_prot.x
>> > -o klm_prot.h
>> > /work/FreeBSD/src/gnu/usr.bin/cc/cpp/../../../../contrib/egcs/gcc/cccp.
>> > c:1882: Internal compiler error in function main
>> > *** Error code 33
> This has been fixed.

I thought so as well. 

>> Tried to remake the cc stuff first as suggested in a previous mail by
>> John Polstra. However this returns me to the mkstemps problem with a
>> source tree which _is_ accurate though...
> Sounds like maybe you should try a different CVSup server.  Maybe there
> is one out there that isn't up to date?

cvsup.nl.freebsd.org is one of the better, tracks changes very fast.

Anyways, see my mail to Warner in which he asks about an ar and the
Makefile revision.

Just tried a cvsup again and nothing else came from it. I got all the cvs
changes which were mailed to cvs-all, including the Makefile 1.2 from
cc_drv. I also nuked /usr/obj, so where else can it get _any_ reference to
mkstemps from?

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