On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Thomas Schuerger wrote:

> > > Here's the bottom line from my point of view. CVSup is slow to update
> > > the GUI because it is busy doing more important things, i.e., updating
> > > your files as quickly as it can. I agree that it can be annoying. But
> > > would you really want me to slow down file updates just so the GUI
> > > could look better?
> > 
> > No-no :-), please, don't... However, the CPU is not 100% busy, and
> > the cvsup is still slow to update sometimes... Updating it does
> > not need anything but the CPU, does it (on the local display)?
> cvsup is mostly based on disk (and network) I/O, so there shouldn't
> be a problem with properly updating the GUI. Someone said it is
> done in a separate process, so I still wonder why the GUI is updated
> so slowly on my PII/450.

My lame assumption is that modula3 uses userland threads that may be
io blocking but intrupted with signals or some such if the io is blocked
too long.  

generally i:

a) use options -g -L 2 and use 'tee' to dump to 
a file and review that later, or 

b) i wait till the run is done before
messing with the GUI.

oh, and of course subscribe to freebsd-cvs list. :)


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