John Polstra wrote:
> > Does Modula-3 use libc_r, or does it have it's own user thread support?
> It has its own.  It can be ported to use native threads, but it's a
> non-negligible amount of work.  It hardly seems worth it for the GUI
> alone.

No argmuent here.  It's just that if it was using native threads, I would
have been curious to see how CVSup worked before and after the recent
changes to libc_r.  But I guess I could have tested that myself :-)

> My hunch is that it's not a fairness issue.  It's just the fact that
> when you block in disk I/O, the whole process (all threads) blocks.

That statement made me think that Modula-3 had it's own threading
support because our native threads using non-blocking file I/O.

Dan Eischen

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